LSS Construction Pte Ltd follows the same ethics of professional responsibility, integrity and excellence as its parent company- Huationg Holdings.

Eco-friendly, technologically advanced, LSS Construction provides Liquefied Soil Stabilizer (LSS), a self-compacting material consisting primarily of soil which can be used as a backfill material, replacing conventional compacted fill. Safe, economical and eco-friendly, re-using processed sol through LSS technology relieves valuable landfill space, creating a new method of construction that’s environmentally friendly, faster and less labour intensive. LSS is highly flowable, self-compacting and self-leveling, eliminating the need for vibration or tamping.

LSS is the most advanced backfilling and grouting material used today capable of meeting various project requirements. LSS Construction Pte Ltd is your one-stop solution in Civil Engineering Soil Improvement Work.